Siūlome įsigyti pratęstos garantijos sertifikatą, kuris pasibaigus gamintojo garantijai užtikrina nemokamą įrenginio garantinį aptarnavimą.
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These rules of the service of extended guarantee (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) were concluded and approved by UAB “Servisas Plius” (hereinafter referred to as SP).


1.1. The object of the rules is the extension of the guarantee period for the device. The description and price of the services are specified in the certificate of the extended guarantee service (hereinafter referred to as CEGS), which the client receives in electronic and / or paper form and which is considered as the annex to these Rules.

2.1. To pay for the repair of the goods purchased during the period of validity of the CEGS.

2.2. To remove any mechanical and electrical malfunction of the product that is covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee if these malfunctions have occurred when the product was used in accordance with the instructions. The SP undertakes to cover repair of the specified goods only according to the manufacturer’s structure (configuration). Expenses for the work and spare parts necessary to maintain the functionality of the goods under guarantee are covered.

2.3. If the product has been repaired 3 times and it needs to be repaired, SP can replace the device with a new one. The price of a new product must not exceed the price of the replaced product or may be lower. Replaced spare parts may be new or repaired and may cost less than original products. After completing the replacement of the product with the same product, matching its type and quality, SP has fulfilled the obligations specified in these Rules, and the agreement of the extended agreement is considered expired. The replacement products will have a valid manufacturer guarantee.

2.4. To repair only pre-registered malfunctions. After repair, the product repaired will be returned to the Client free of charge.

2.5. If during the factory guarantee service the product is returned to the seller, at the request of the Client, the SP will return the full cost of the certificate of extended guarantee.

3.1. CEGS is valid only on the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

3.2. The client must deliver the defective product personally, or send it (the parcel must be prepaid and insured) to the repair shop specified at the time of the registration. The product must be sent in its original packaging or be properly packed so that the product would not be damaged during the transportation to the place of service, otherwise the product will not be accepted for repair. A brief description of the malfunction, it must include the document confirming the purchase of the product and the certificate of extended guarantee (purchase check or contract for the purchase by installments), the original of the guarantee document from the manufacturer (the date of purchase of the product must be clearly visible and coincide with the purchase date in the agreement, serial number of the product must coincide with the serial number indicated in the guarantee).

3.3. If the product has been replaced to another, within 10 days from the date of the replacement, in writing, inform the SP by E-mail or call tel.: 8 800 00889, 8 614 66644, specifying the manufacturer, model and serial number of the new product.

3.4. Broken, inoperative device must be delivered to the guarantee service center specified by the SP. After the entry into force of the CEGS, the product will not be accepted for a guarantee repair at the store where it was purchased, unless otherwise requested by the SP operator.

3.5. The Client must retain all information necessary for him before the goods are delivered for repair; SP is not responsible for the loss of data stored on the device during the repair.

3.6. The Client may terminate the agreement by informing the SP or returning the original agreement to the seller within 14 days from the date of acquisition of the CEGS and the date of signing the Agreement.

3.7. If it is required to repair bulky equipment, the customer may require the master to arrive at home.

3.8. If spare parts in SP are inaccessible, the Client has the right to purchase the missing spare part from third parties. After submitting the purchase documents, the costs of acquiring spare parts will be compensated.

4.1. CEGS comes into force immediately after the manufacturer’s guarantee and is valid until the date specified in the CEGS.

4.2. Losses and malfunctions will not be eliminated for the following reasons: the mismatch or absence of the serial number; incorrect connection of components; self-willed repair and modification, repair performed in non-SP specified repair shop; filling and use of non-original ink cartridges for printers; improper use of electricity; loss of energy; a drop of the product; transportation violations; hull damage; theft, abuse, misuse, negligence, vandalism, damage caused by animals and insects, environmental impact (fire, flood, corrosion, sand, mud, storm, hail, earthquake, other consequences of natural phenomena); software and software related problems; loss of components not covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee; data reception and transmission problems caused by external causes; cancellation and redoing of the manufacturer’s production, regardless of the manufacturer’s payment options; goods such as light bulbs, filters, power supply units, toners, straps, drums, developers, and ink cartridges; removal and reinstallation of internal components carried out in other, non-factory- authorized repair shop; cosmetic and body parts; cables, wires, connectors; component (s) that have never been covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee; deformation and rusting.

4.3. It will not cover expenses related to labor, materials or other costs related to the loss of information about the repair of the goods.

4.4. SP reserves the right to disapprove the registration. In this case, the price for the purchase of the certificate will be reimbursed.

4.5. SP reserves the right to change the damaged product for a product of similar type and quality even if the product broke down for the first time.

4.6. SP reserves the right to refuse to fulfill its obligations to goods that were used for commercial purposes, as well as goods that were used outside the territory of Lithuania.

4.7. SP is under no circumstances responsible for any indirect, consequential or incidental damages (including the loss of profit, termination of business, loss of data, etc.), even in the event of warnings about the possibility of such damage occurring.

4.8. SP does not cover any damage that the manufacturer must cover or remove.

4.9. SP under no circumstances assumes any responsibility for the seller’s obligations to the buyer.

4.10. The client allows SP to use his personal data for direct marketing purposes (by E-mail, telephone or other direct way to get personal offers, asking for his opinion on the goods or services offered).

4.11. The Client got acquainted with it and confirms with the signature that agree with all conditions of the Guarantee service rules, as specified by UAB “Servisas Plius”.

Norite pratęsti garantiją?

Norite pratęsti garantiją?

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Mūsų specialistai atsakys į visus jums svarbius klausimus. Pakonsultuosime ir patarsime dėl iškilusių klausimų.
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